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The profession of teaching can be such a whirlwind of emotions, decisions, lesson planning, behavior problems, parents, administrators, professional development, etc. Just like any profession, at times it can be very overwhelming and reminds me of the journey of following the yellow brick road that Dorothy traveled to find the Wizard of Oz.

As a second year teacher, at times it feels like I am going in circles with a certain student, lesson, or behavior problem, just like Dorothy did as she started out on her journey to find the wizard. In Nancy Flanagan’s Blog, Teacher in a Strange Land, she discusses and quotes another blogger, Tim Walker, the feelings of new teachers as they start their journey as educators. It can be so scary at times and just like Tim, there are many times that I wanted to just turn around and quit all together because I didn’t know if teaching was the right profession for me. How can students be so hard to teach? How can lesson planning be so time-consuming? Why don’t parents back me up on behavior concerns instead of their child who is causing trouble at school? So many questions constantly went through my mind and it felt like I was going in circles.

Eventually I started to find my way with my students, parents, administrators, and fellow teachers. I found my tin man, courageous lion, and scarecrow to help me along the way who had been through the same thing that I had and that allowed me to start enjoying teaching like I always thought I would. One of the things that helped me along the way were reading blogs from other educators and professionals. I ran across blogs that helped me with specific curriculum, ideas to help with classroom management, and others that provided me with just enough encouragement to continue on in my career as an educator.

It’s not always easy to find time to read blogs, but when I do, I sincerely enjoy what I get out of them. In Mrs. H.’s Resource Room, she talks about how each year is a new year and we need to start out the year with a positive attitude to grow as educators. I love how she said that now is the time to develop new habits and set goals to become the best we can be for our students. Of course there are going to be lions, tigers, and bears we will run into along the way, but keeping the end goal in mind of being a successful, motivated teacher will help us overcome those obstacles.

Education Week provides an unlimited amount of blogs that have helped me keep updated with not only new ideas for technology and curriculum, but also provides me an opportunity to read educators’ opinions on different topics and updates on laws and policies. The last blog that I will share today is A Geeky Momma’s Blog. There are SO MANY tech resources on this blog! She applies it to specific content areas when she writes about the tools, but they can be applied to different content areas as well. With the help of these blogs, fellow teachers, and years of experience, I will continue following the yellow brick road until I become the best educator I can be.


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