My Digital Presence

First…I googled myself.

When I googled myself, this is what showed up:



On the first page, I found a variety of sites that were associated with my name. All of the links were about me or linked to me in some way, which tells me that there are not any other people with my name. Most of the links that show up have to do with my wedding and social media. I just got married in May, so “Allison Widrowicz” is a relatively new name, which is why not very many links are associated with it yet.

The top link in Google was my husband’s and my wedding website. The second one was Twicsy, which I had never heard of. It looks like it’s a website that collects pictures from Twitter. Since I’m new to Twitter, not much showed up on that website. As I continued down the page, there were links to social media pages, a link to our wedding DJ’s website with pictures, and it ends with the obituary of my brother-in-law who passed away two years ago.

The second page of google:



On the second page, a couple more wedding links showed up, some information about my distant-relation in-laws, one of my Pinterest boards, the staff directory to my school’s website, and the rest either had my first name or last name associated, but not both. There was a total of 1,470 results from the google search.

I do not mind some of the posts that showed up under my name, but I do wonder why some of my social media posts showed up with a direct link associated with my name and others did not. They are not inappropriate or private, but they are direct links to my social media accounts, which I am not a fan of.

Second…I clicked on some links about me.

Here is a list of links that I clicked on that I did not initially recognize:

Third…Images associated with my name.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 9.05.54 PM.png

Most of these images are from our wedding website, so it doesn’t surprise me that they showed up on the google search. There are a few pictures of people that I know from college, but am not sure why they showed up under my name. Overall, I do not mind these pictures that showed up.

I feel lucky in the fact that I know where the majority of my google search results came from. My married name is still ‘new,’ so I am glad that I can be proactive to continue a positive digital presence.


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