Building my digital presence

The first thing that I did to build my positive digital presence is create an About Me page. This page is a great way to build a positive, professional image about myself that also leads more people to read my blog, Twitter account, and Pinterest page.

I added my About Me link to my gmail signature and Twitter page.


After reading 10 Ways to Build Your Online Identity, I chose to implement a few ways to continue building my online presence.

  1. For my class assignment, I had to google myself to see what came up about me and how I can control those links. I plan to make this a habit. I am setting my goal to google myself at least once a week. It won’t take long and I think the results will be incredibly beneficial for me.
  2. As mentioned above, I included my blog in my email signature, so every email that I send will be a way of positively promoting my blog and professional social media mediums.
  3. I plan to participate in more professional, educational Tweet Chats. The ones that I have participated in already have been so beneficial and FUN! I am setting my goal to participate in two per month. There are a lot of schedule conflicts, but I am going to try to participate in more to expand my online professional learning network.

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