Cleaning up my digital footprint


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After I found my online digital presence, I took some measures to clean up my digital footprint.

  • I deleted my account on I put my Twitter handle in the unsubscribe page and it deleted my account associated with that website.
  • I changed my settings on my Facebook account to “Friends Only” so the only people who can view any postings are my friends. I used to have a lot of settings set to “Friends of Friends” and I changed that.
  • I created a Google Alert with my name. With this, I will receive an email every time my name is mentioned or posted to the web.
  • I cleaned up some Twitter and Pinterest privacy settings. My Pinterest page will no longer show up on search engine searches.
  • Most of the images that came up on the image search were associated with other peoples’ Twitter pages, who I followed on Twitter.

After waiting a few days to see if my google search had updated, it hadn’t changed even with the changes I did to clean up my footprint. A few of the sites said it would take awhile to change or update, so I am still waiting on that.

I think it is important to model how to clean up my digital footprint to my students. Social media and the Internet in general can be a scary place for teenagers. Peer pressure, striving to be someone they’re not, bullying, and spending hours upon hours on the web are just a few challenges that teens face in technological society. Having a clean digital footprint is so important for their image as they get older and safety.


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