Growing my PLN

For an assignment for my Digital and Social Media class, we were asked to think about our current PLN (Professional Learning Network) and how we could challenge ourselves to grow it to make it larger. The larger our network is, the better educators and professionals will be. This is my current PLN map:


I used Coggle to create this map. It was very easy to use, but you only get one private map with a free account.

While creating this map, I realized that I need to participate in more professional development opportunities to help with my Professional Learning Network. Whether it is attending more tweet chats, conferences, or webinars, I need to expand my horizon to attend more. My goal is to attend one conference per semester. My school is pretty good with supporting teachers with professional development opportunities, so that is my first goal.

Another area of improvement that I need to focus on is USING new apps and web 2.0 tools. I have been lucky enough to see my cohort classmates use a number of apps, so I need to take the time and figure out ways to use those apps in my own classroom. This will require talking with my colleagues and doing research on my own to learn how to best use the tools.

A third area that I need to strategically expand in order to grow my PLN is using social media more often for an educational and professional use. My Digital and Social Media class has provided me a great start to use them, but I need to challenge myself to use it more and more!


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