Global Collaboration Projects

Thinking about a global collaboration project that would benefit my students in my classroom is such a fun task. It’s a bit crazy thinking about how my students in a little town in Iowa could potentially make connections with other students from not only around the United States but also around the world.

My 9th grade students lack basic skills such as communication and writing. A global collaboration project would be a great motivator for my students to improve these skills! First, my students would participate in The Amazing Race – Global Project to learn more about certain cities in different countries. They would then post on the project’s Padlet in order to meet other students from around the world.

From there, we would use SMART Learning Software Technology that is discussed in this article, First global collaboration project between special education classes completed. Students will write letters to each other once a week about specified topics by myself and other teachers of the students’ global partners.

After establishing a connection with their global partners, I would incorporate other projects that could be done by my students with the help of their partners to get to know different cultures. I would incorporate many of these tools: Online Collaborative Learning Tools.

Some advantages for my students to participate in this global collaboration project is to experience working with students from around the country and world. They would get to improve their writing, communication, and technological skills throughout this project. They would gain responsibility by keeping up with the writing prompts and communicating with a potential language barrier. Some challenges my students will face will be writing in such a way that students (who English may not be their first language) will need to understand and learning new technological tools.

Very useful source: Global Collaboration Day.


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