My Classroom Gamification System

For my final project for Using Digital and Social Media in the Classroom, I had the opportunity to create a gamification system that I could potentially use in my own classroom. It was challenging, yet exciting to design something that my students would enjoy but also benefit from academically and behaviorally.

While looking for different options, I was looking for a system that I could tweak to fit what I needed. I chose the platform, Class Dojo, to complete this project. Class Dojo focuses on behavior and students are able to gain and lose points depending on their behavior while in my classroom. Once they earn so many points, they reach certain levels where they can choose between reward options. They are working toward points individually, as well as classes.


Class Class Dojo Points.jpg

Students can earn points and lose points depending on their behavior. Positive behavior is emphasized more than negative behavior. By focusing on behavior, the students will also benefit academically because they will be able to focus on their school work they are working on instead of worrying about what their peers are doing or how they are acting.

Experience Points.jpg

In this link, I go into greater detail about my plan to use this gamification system in my classroom. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions!