Data Collection

For my Enhancing Learning Through Action Research class, we were asked to choose one way to collect data. One example of how I collect data for my class quizzes is by using Google Forms. I enjoy using Forms because they are easy to create, easy to grade, and easy to see results for my entire class. I recently gave a quiz to my Entrepreneurship class and out of 19 students, was able to see what the average, median, and range were as soon as I was done grading them.

Below is a screenshot of this particular quiz that shows how easily accessible that information was to me.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 8.19.59 PM

Using Google Forms, I can also see data results based on an overall summary, question by question, or by individual. If I were to choose to ask multiple choice or true/false questions, it would provide me a pie chart with the answers that the students answered. Forms would automatically grade those types of questions as well. The graphs that Forms creates are very visually appealing for me to analyze the data.

Here is a link to this full quiz.